Can I buy on-line?

No, Tucker Rocky does not sell to the public on-line. We are a wholesale distributor and do not sell direct to the public in any form. Please use the Dealer Locator on PowerSportRider to find your nearest Tucker Rocky dealer.
1. How do I get a link from your website to my dealership’s website?
2. My dealership doesn't show up on your dealer locator or shows up with incorrect information. How do I get this fixed?
3. I make a product you should carry. Who do I contact?
4. Can I buy on-line?
5. Where can I buy products in your catalog?
6. How do I become a Tucker Rocky authorized dealer?
7. I am a racer and would like to be sponsored by Tucker Rocky. What do I do?
8. Who do I contact about job opportunities?
9. How do I return a product or get a warranty claim handled?
10. How do I get a catalog?