Distribution Center Manager - Visalia, CA
Location:Visalia, CA
Effectively manage and direct warehousing and distribution activities personally and through subordinate Assistant D.C. Managers. The DC Manager will be guided by the Company's Vision statement, policies, and procedures. The DC Manager is responsible for security, safety, inventory integrity, facility maintenance and maintenance of all equipment and supplies required to operate the distribution centers. The DC Manager through subordinate Assistant D.C. Managers, ensure that all D.C. employees are thoroughly trained in safety and warehouse procedures. The DC Manager, through the Assistant D.C. Managers, will monitor employee performance ensuring that procedures and standards provided through the training process are followed.

1. Ensure that the Company Vision statement is used as the primary guide for decision making. Lead and support employee behavior that reflects the term "customer" refers to dealers, suppliers, and all company employees.

2. Maintain confidential company records. Limit access to vital operational information and computer information only to authorized personnel.

3. Implement new warehousing solutions, including material handling equipment, processes, and quality and productivity standards. Implement policies and procedures to ensure that quality and productivity standards are achieved and maintained. Through collaboration with Assistant DC Managers ensure inventory maintenance, warehouse design and slotting is being conducted as required based on analysis.

4. Ensure that all orders are processed according to company standards and operational performance for activities such as inventory integrity, quality packaging and packing, timely receiving and verification of incoming and all types of outgoing shipments and documentation, proper handling and disposition of inventory, and keeping distribution center inventory records current and accurate through appropriate and timely cycle counting and inventory procedures. Secure the distribution centers from internal and external losses due to theft and casualty threats. Ensure adherence to all laws regulating distribution centers, offices, and break rooms.

5. Ensure facility is maintained within company cleanliness, safety & security standards and standard operating procedures.

6. Ensure the safe and efficient operation, security and maintenance of all equipment assigned in facilities. Ensure that only authorized and trained/certified Tucker Rocky Distribution employees will operate equipment.

7. Utilize only authorized freight carriers in the distribution of product. All carriers must be approved by the Director-Operations or the designated freight manager.

8. Ensure that all supplies, equipment and facility maintenance are economically purchased through approved procedures and according to company supply and service purchasing policy. The Operations group attempts to secure national contracts for supplies and equipment. The D.C. Manager is to purchase through approved contracts, unless prior approval is received from the Director-Operations.

9. Ensure the accurate and timely reporting of all administrative reporting of vendor receiving, employee hours, personnel action notices, customer returns, including refused shipments, transfer receiving/variances, and inventory inquiries required by the Tucker Rocky sales force.

10. Ensure that distribution center coordinates efforts efficiently with activities of other company functions such as sales, H/R, accounting and products department.

11. Ensure that the facility is maintained in a safe and secure manner as prescribed by Company policies and procedures. Direct and participate in planning and ensuring employee and facility safety activities.

12. The DC Manager working in concert with the Operations Manager is responsible for developing a "fiscally responsible attitude" within the facility, looking for all opportunities to reduce costs through recycling boxes, ensuring minimum number of containers utilized for outbound orders while not jeopardizing quality and order integrity, reducing waste, utilizing only appropriate volume of overtime and investigating all opportunities to reduce costs and improve D.C. efficiency.

13. Reward and Recognizing. In concert with developing an attitude of "fiscal responsibility", the DC Manager in concert with the Operation Manager, and the Director-Operations will strive to create a culture of "doing it right the first time". The culture begins with setting minimum standards of performance, making those standards known to all D.C. employees, monitoring and reporting employee performance against those standards, rewarding and recognizing employees who exceed those standards and taking appropriate action with those employees who do not meet those standards.
14. The DC Manager will insure that employee evaluations are completed effectively and efficiently per H/R guidelines.

15. The DC Manager must follow proper discipline and termination procedures according to H/R.

This list is not inclusive of the total scope of job functions to be performed. Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or modified at any time.

Mandatory Requirements
1. Demonstrated leadership ability.
2. Highly customer focused.
3. Demonstrated good judgment, professionalism and the ability to maintain confidentially.
4. Well organized with the ability to work in a fast paced environment.
5. Computer proficient.

Mandatory Requirements
High School diploma or equivalent

Preferred Requirements
Associates degree

Mandatory Requirements
1. Minimum 2-3 years supervisory experience.
2. Minimum 2-3 years’ experience in a distribution center.

Preferred Requirements
1. 3-5 years supervisory experience.
2. 3-5 years’ experience in a distribution center.

1. Works in a distribution center. Noise level is usually moderate to loud, depending on the level of activity in the distribution center.
2. Occasional travel.

1. Reports to Operations Manager
2. Position(s) which directly report to this position; and number of employees in each position:
Assistant DC Manager Variable
Office Staff Variable

Address:8505 W. Doe Ave.
City, State Zip:Visalia, CA 93291
Email:Employment Info

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