Warehouse Workers - Bolingbrook, IL
Location:Bolingbrook, IL
This position is responsible for effectively performing warehousing and distribution activities including order pulling, stocking, truck loading/unloading, receiving, cycle counting, packing or shipping. The employee is expected to perform these tasks at posted standards for the Distribution Center, for productivity for each function and to perform the task with a high degree of accuracy and quality. The Distribution Center Worker will be guided by the Company’s Vision statement, policies and procedures.

1. Utilize the Company Vision statement as the primary guide for decision making. Support and encourage behavior that reflects the term "customer" refers to dealers, suppliers, and all company employees.

2. Every employee is required to work with the safety rules specified by the Company and distribution center management. Safety is considered to be every employee's responsibility and includes utilizing equipment only when properly trained, utilizing appropriate equipment (if trained in use of equipment) for securing items from high places, proper lifting techniques including utilizing equipment when items are too heavy for individual lifting.

3. Assist in maintaining a clean, organized facility through diligent housekeeping efforts. Employees are generally assigned an area or particular responsibility (paper and box pickup) in maintaining the facility. Employees are required to assist in keeping aisles open and free of trash as well as picking up after themselves when completing an assignment.

4. Use computer and other devices provided in warehouse automation systems with care, report any unsafe or malice activities that could damage the automation or computer systems.

5. Equipment operation - depending on specific duties, employees may be required to train on and operate material handling equipment (stock chasers, order pickers, reach trucks, fork lifts, etc.)

6. Security - every employee is considered to be a member of the distribution center security team and as such has responsibility for the security and integrity of the premises, equipment, inventory, and company information.

7. Employees must be flexible in work hours available including overtime and be able to respond to varying workloads without prior notice. Report to work every day, on time, as scheduled.

This list is not inclusive of the total scope of job functions to be performed. Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or modified at any time.

Mandatory Requirements
1. Highly customer focused.
2. Demonstrated good judgment, professionalism and the ability to maintain confidentially.
3. Well organized with the ability to work in a fast paced environment.
4. Computer proficient.

Mandatory Requirements
High School diploma or equivalent

Mandatory Requirements
Minimum 1 year experience in a distribution center

Preferred Requirements
3-5 years’ experience in a distribution center
Address:900 Carlow Dr., Unit A
City, State Zip:Bolingbrook, IL. 60490
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