U.S. Consumer Product Safety

There have been recent changes in U.S. legislation and rulings related to Consumer Product Safety. While some of these rulings have gone into effect, others have not been finalized or are subject to interpretation awaiting more clarification by various agencies within the U.S. government.

The Flammability Compliance Act, went into effect in December of 2008 and requires all apparel manufactured after November 28, 2008, meet Class 1 Flammability Certification. Flammability certifications are required by style.

Other rulings deal with toxic materials compliance, especially associated with children’s products. Current rulings state that testing and certifications for children's products will be required in February of 2010, except for lead content in children's products which require testing and certifications as of February 10, 2009 for product that is manufactured after December 21, 2008. Note that all products sold by Tucker Rocky Distributing are intended for adult use only unless our catalogs specifically indicate that a product is intended for children.

Please note that these rulings may change at any time, and Tucker Rocky Distributing is not in a position to be responsible for educating dealers or consumers about all local and U.S. legislation and rulings related to consumer product safety. For specific information regarding CPSC rulings the reader is advised to refer to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website www.cpsc.gov

Current compliance certifications are listed below by Brand and Style. Click on Brand, then select Model to see the certification.

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